Surrender The Word [Album]


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Downloads include choice of MP3, WAV, and FLAC.

An album to dance to and to have fun to. An album to scream and shout to. An album to cry to. An album to put on and know that you’re unstoppable. Because you are. That you had everything you always needed, right inside of you. Surrender to it. It wasn’t with them. It wasn’t with that. It was in you. I hope through this album you find peace and relief from the weight you carry. Thank you for listening. I love you. Forever, Sereda

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 1. Terrible Beautiful (Intro) | 2. Unconditional | 3. $ | 4. Light Work | 5. Surrender the Word | 6. Creepin' | 7. I'm Me. (feat Nimar) | 8. r u down? | 9. Pools | 10. Top Gun | 11. No Stress