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Love, Sereda

  • Sereda is definitely one to watch for winter and into next year because of her talent and her technical prowess. Having already established herself in the EDM world, it likely won’t be long before her solo tracks are heard on dancefloors just as much as her “Heartbeat” collab with Richard Orlinski.
  • Sereda’s opera and gospel trained voice pushes the usual boundaries of pop songs. Her extensive vocal range and the moody element to her first single “I Got You” is expressive and downright catchy. For Sereda, creating music is “the process of turning feelings into sounds,” which is true for her first single.
  • Her sound is rich with hip-hop tones, and classic rock influences. Her voice is unexpectedly vibrant and captivating, one of the best female voices I've ever heard. Her single speaks about being there for someone in troubled times, and is written with a genuine passion.
  • Sereda’s voice, which I really like, is difficult to describe. There’s rich plump texture to it, yet at the same time it exudes an elusive crinkly timbre that’s both fragile and potent, almost scorching with nuances of panting incandescence.