Hey, I'm Sereda.

I don’t just love music. It’s who I am. I write all my own songs but also engineer a lot of it, co-produce it and oversee all aspects of the creation. My songs are like a diary, telling different stories about my life. We all hit rough patches in life, sometimes when it feels like there’s nothing left to live for. That’s when I write. It's the only thing that helps take the pain away. The music is sad, vibey, and helps me push through the dark times.

I think that’s why none of my songs fit one mold - I’m mixing all kinds of influences in my own way. They speak to my authentic story, who I am, and putting them in some kind of box would just be a disservice. I don’t worry about what genre I fit into - I just tell my story and let it evolve into its own identity. 

My upcoming release is a package of so much time and energy, heart and soul. I’ve poured so much of myself into it, and preparing to share it with you now is just… amazing! I’ve been working hard on getting my shows ready - just thinking about all the new people I’ll get to meet, share this music with, bring into my world; it’s so exciting!

I don’t want anything about this experience to be typical or expected. I want to actually talk to you, share our life stories. We’re all so different, but we go through so many of the same things. None of us has to be alone. We can talk to each other, share in this music, and know there’s so much more ahead for both of us.

Music is fun and life is short. Share a song today with someone that you love and it might change their life forever. There’s just something so powerful and amazing about that, and I hope you’ll join me in this journey!